About me

Caroline Vandekerckhove fotograaf photographer

A picture isn’t worth a thousand words if you choose your words wisely.
(That said, I might be better with pixels.)

Things you should know…

Not much.
Maybe that I’m the nostalgic type.
The kind that likes grainy monochromatic photographs and isn’t bothered with technical perfection.

In truth, I cherish little flaws.
Hair should look a bit messy.
I don’t mind a tiny scratch or some dust on a record.
I have an odd preference for performers with stage fright.
Imperfections bring character to music, to people and to images.

I cover indie gigs for the online magazines indiestyle and daMusic.
You’ll find me in small to mid-size clubs and at the occasional festival.
I usually wander between Antwerp, Brussels and Ghent, but I venture out of my comfort zone whenever I get the chance.

All photos are my own.
Please contact me before using them.
You can also find me on twitterfacebook and instagram.

all images © Caroline Vandekerckhove

dimly lit stages portfolio book

Download my portfolio pdf

You want to contact me, but couldn’t find my email?

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