Damien Rice

damien rice live 2016 cactus festival Brugge Bruges © Caroline Vandekerckhove

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damien rice

I photographed Damien Rice on several occasions.

I guess in a way that’s where it all started… Damien is the one who got me hooked on going to gigs. It came to a point where I had to take my camera to concerts just to be able to pay for my addiction 🙂 (/s)

The first couple of times — I was still figuring out the whole music photography thing — I just took some shots with a compact camera from the audience.
The photo set from Bruges is the one I prefer.
I leave the others here ’cause I’ve noticed people like those as well. (or maybe they just like the man who’s in them…)

Here’s a list of what you’ll find on this blog:

damien’s website

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