Devendra Banhart

Devendra Banhart live 2018 le guess who Utrecht TivoliVredenburg © Caroline Vandekerckhove

Devendra Banhart

Devendra Banhart is an American / Venezuelan singer-songwriter and artist.
He’s one of those people I find fascinating because he has so many different sides to him and I can’t instantaneously grasp what he’s all about.
Some of his songs are quite nice too.

I photographed him on two occasions.

The first time was at the Botanique in Brussels (for He appeared to be a bit drunk but that didn’t spoil the fun. Also, he scored supplementary points by complimenting me on my nice lenses. (photos here)

The second time was during Le Guess Who? 2018 in beautiful Utrecht. Really nice show but no praise for my lenses this time 🙂 (photos here)

Here’s a link to one of my favourite tunes of his and one to his website.

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