Villagers conor o'brien les nuits botanique Brussels live 2015 © Caroline Vandekerckhove

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My introduction to Villagers was this striking video by Arbutus Yarns.
They’ve been one of my favourite bands since.

In April 2015 they released a new album ‘Darling Arithmetic’
Following the release they played a short set in the beautiful, but very dark Cirque Royal in Brussels. Thanks to Indiestyle I was allowed to bring my camera.

I thought the gig would be seated, and I’d have to stand at some distance from the stage, so I brought my best long-focus lens and no wide angle. Turns out I was wrong and I ended up with mostly close ups from Conor O’Brien (who needs to iron his shirt).

In August 2015 they played a hauntingly beautiful set in the courtyard of the Belfry of Bruges. I brought my camera again.

Villagers’ website

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